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Jhilimili was born out of our love for sari material and our desire to make a difference.

We chose the word “Jhilimili,” translated “sparkly” in Nepali, because, just like glitter reflects light, we believe that a small choice can make a difference in multiplying out hope and joy.

Why Nepal?

With over 31 million people, this beautiful country is home to more than just beautiful mountains and valleys. In Nepal’s recent history, the country has been hit hard by economic hardship after 7.8-magnitude earthquakes hit the country in April and May 2015. These natural disasters were followed in September 2015 by the difficulties of adopting a new constitution, which include violent protests and scarcity of food and fuel. In spite of these challenges, the people of Nepal continue to live and rebuild their lives, searching for hope in the midst of hardship.

Some of our team live and work in Nepal. We came up with the idea of Jhilimili because we believe in the importance of investing in the communities in which we live.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality merchandise for you while changing the lives of the women creating these products. We hope you are inspired to help transform these women’s lives.

When you purchase Jhilimili products, transforming your wardrobe truly transforms the world.